How did I get involved with researching and treating fibromyalgia as a chiropractor?

Hello. My name is Bruce Humphries DC, and I have been a practicing chiropractor for 26 years in Southern California. I became a chiropractor to help people, and I have enjoyed the opportunities to do so. Over the years, I have learned much that has helped my patients.

At one point, I became very interested in fibromyalgia. I had a patient (a close relative) who I felt had fibromyalgia who I wanted to help. The lack of a treatment led me to research and work through first the cause and then a correct treatment to address the cause. What I feel I have discovered over the course of three-plus years of studying fibromyalgia is an alternate, and I believe accurate, cause of a high percent of cases of fibromyalgia. Next, I spent three years of working with my patients to create treatment protocols that work.

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